Seething Wells

The Friends of Seething Wells are working towards a future where everyone can enjoy access to the Victorian waterworks alongside the Thames in Surbiton.  We are busy developing a plan to secure that future.

The waterworks were built in the mid 19th Century to deliver clean drinking water to London, helping combat cholera.  Much of the site has not been used for 20 years and now provides a unique habitat for an uncommonly wide range of rare plants, birds and bats.  The open space, buildings, filter beds, reservoirs and tunnels provide a rich resource for anyone interested in nature, as well as Victorian culture, architecture and public health.

The area needs tidying up, sprucing up and opening up.  But not at the expense of the damage that will be done by the commercial development currently being considered by Kingston Council.

This will interfere with the views, destroy habitats and the riverside waterworks, and leave little of beauty, significance or relevance.  It will permanently burden river and road, and remove forever any meaningful opportunity for public access, leisure and learning.

With extensive experience of preventing inappropriate use of this significant riverside site, The Friends of Seething Wells are busy developing an alternative.  Partnering with local and national organisations and specialists, we will deliver a more fitting solution for the filter beds – providing the site and the local community with a future and the facilities they both richly deserve.

On this website you can learn more about the history of the site, understand why it’s important today, contribute to our emerging plans, share news and views.  You can read about what’s concerning us – our seethings and railings.

Have a look around, let us know your thoughts and ideas, subscribe for our updates, join us on Facebook, object to Hydro’s proposals, think about being our Friend.

image: FoSW